Saferoom Windows (x64)

Saferoom Windows (x64)

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  • Version: 1.4

Saferoom is an encryption extension for Evernote and more.

Saferoom is a "Passbook" or "HealthKit" for your confidential data. Saferoom Windows Desktop is an extension for Evernote to encrypt notes. Saferoom is a zero-knowledge encryption software, which means that the password always stays on the client side.

Using Saferoom Windows users can put encrypt and decrypt notes in Evernote which allows storing of confidential information.

====== Version update information ======

Before installing Saferoom v1.2 please check our Help Center > Saferoom Windows > Saferoom v1.2 Upgrade Notes

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Saferoom Windows (x64)


Saferoom Windows (x64) 1.4

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